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Message from the CEO

January 10th, 2023:

Five years ago, I started Renegade Squirrel with a dream of changing the way local Progressive campaigns worked. I am proud of the work that has gone into this project over the last five years, and especially the many campaigns we were able to help with our unique take on the Voter Data Management System.

Unfortunately, as of today Renegade Squirrel is no longer in business.

Due to life choices and challenging market conditions, I felt it was no longer feasible to keep this business active. That means we will not be offering services to campaigns moving forward.

Thank you to all of our friends, supporters, and local candidates who made this project truly special. You give me hope for a brighter future! It is the tireless efforts of thousands of campaigns across this nation that inch us closer to a better world for all of us (not just the wealthy few.)

While this chapter in my life is over, I'm not giving up in the fight for justice.

Until next time,

Mike Huttman, CEO | Renegade Squirrel, Inc.

Save Time & Reach More Voters

Time is your most valuable resource. You can always raise more funds or call more volunteers, but time is one thing campaigns can't replenish. Stop wasting hours fighting your campaign software or days sorting through spreadsheets!

No more cutting Turf

Renegade Squirrel provides all of your campaign's customized Walk, Phone, and Mailing lists right out-of-the-box. Easily download or print lists in just a few clicks.

Simple, fast phone bank setup

With Renegade Squirrel you can start making calls within 30 seconds. Default scripts and questions are provided so you can start your phone bank in just a few clicks.

No more waiting for voter file updates

Our voter file updates every week. With Renegade Squirrel you will know who moved into your district, who switched party affiliation, and who was removed from your area's voter file weeks before the competition.

No more worrying about GOTV lists

Renegade Squirrel automatically builds your GOTV, Persuasion, and next pass lists as you campaign. Spend more time talking to voters and less time creating lists.

We are committed to helping Progressive campaigns win more elections. We want to help the renegades shake up the political ecosystem from School Board to Senate.

Borne out of frustration with current voter data software, we wanted a tool that was geared to help local, grassroots campaigns be successful. Over several years and many campaigns we saw how critical data often ended up lost or mismanaged due to overly complex software that got in the way. The major software options in this field crammed lots of features into complicated, buggy interfaces that no one enjoyed working with. We wanted to build software that gave grassroots campaigns what they needed without the baggage.

We build software that just works. No playing favorites. No blacklists. No BS.